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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Annie Todd
November 9, 1682337Parish of Ware0July 18, 172030037Gloucester, Gloucester County, Virginia, United States of America
Capt Thomas Todd
September 12, 1619401Denton, Durham, England3May 30, 167534555At Sea, near North Parish, Patapsco River, Baltimore County, Maryland, USA
Christopher Todd
April 2, 1690330Toddsbury, Gloucester Co, VA0March 26, 174327752Toddsbury, Ware Parish, VA
Dolly Payne Todd
May 20, 1768252Guilford County, North Carolina, United States of America0July 12, 184917181Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, United States of America
Elizabeth Todd
1675345Toddsbury, Ware Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia2Virginia, United States of America
Elizabeth Sisson Todd
May 13, 1641379Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States0April 15, 168034038Anne Arundel, MD, USA
Frances Todd
17103102July 25, 174527535Owings Mills, Baltimore County, Maryland, United States of America
Geoffrey Todd
1589431Denton, Durham, England3about 163738348
Isabella Minor Todd
1670350Toddsbury, Gloucester, VA, USA14170631436St Stephens, King and Queen, Virginia, United States
John Todd
Lucy Todd
1681339VA, USA0
Margaret Todd
Margaret Todd
Mary Todd
about 1565455Denton, Darlington, Durham, England1about 165037085Houghton, Durham, Durham, England
Thomas Todd II
1660360Toddsburg, Wake Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia6January 16, 172529565Virginia, United States of America
Thomas Todd III
16813390about 171530534
William Gulielmus Todd
about 1558462Durham, Durham, England1161640458