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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Ada A Allen
about 1912109Kansas0
Allen Gooding Allen
December 26, 1847173Indiana0November 8, 18561658arkansas
Andrew Allen
about 1915106Mississippi0
Andrew E Allen
about 1897124Oklahoma0
Andrew Jackson Allen
October 12, 1847174Indiana7May 31, 19279479Oklahoma
Anebel Allen
Ann Allen
about 1911110Texas2
Ann Selina Allen
about 16204012
Anna Allen
November 27, 1814207Scott Co., Virginia0August 13, 184217927Morgan Co., Kentucky
Anna M Allen
February 6, 1792229Surry Co., Virginia9February 17, 184118049Morgan Co., Kentucky
Austin Allen
about 1904117Mississippi0
Celia Bell Allen
April 5, 1854167Indiana0January 11, 191610561Texas
Charlie Allen
about 1878143Texas0
Clifton C Allen
November 27, 1896125Mississippi3December 13, 19724876Panola, Miss.
Dannie Mae Allen
about 1907114Mississippi0
David Allen
November 1, 1799222Virginia0August 16, 186116061Parke Co, Va
David Duncan Allen
September 15, 1827194West Liberty, Kentucky1January 14, 191210984Wallace, Indiana
David F Allen
August 1, 1862159Illinois0April 30, 19487385arkansas
David L Allen
about 1898123Oklahoma0
David P Allen
January 22, 1833188Kentucky0
Dessie E Allen
about 1900121Oklahoma0
E Haywood Allen
October 20, 1853168Texas11November 18, 19299276Mitchell, Texas
Elijah Allen
March 15, 18291920October 20, 185516626
Elizabeth Allen
February 7, 1844177018451760
Elizabeth Allen
January 26, 1821200Rock Creek, Park, Indiana0March 2, 189512674Lebanch, Missouri
Elizabeth F Allen
March 21, 1822199Kentucky4November 30, 190511683Waveland, Indiana
Erin Allen
about 1877144Texas0
Estell Allen
about 1902119Mississippi0
Etta Allen
April 1881140Texas0
Eva Allen
about 1909112Mississippi0
Everett Allen
about 1912109Mississippi0
Florence Gertrude Allen
March 11, 1894127Mississippi0June 28, 19913097Los Angeles, Ca.
Frances Allen
July 20, 1816205Morgan Co., Kentucky10November 25, 185616540Indiana
Fred Allen
about 1890131Arkansas0
Frederick Edward Allen
about 1620401Massachusetts2May 31, 169332873Boston, Massacheusets
George M Allen
March 5, 1843178Parke, Indiana0February 11, 187115027Indiana
George P Allen
1866155Illinois10June 26, 19517085Oklahoma
Grace T Allen
October 1892129Mississippi0
Harry Allen
about 1900121Arkansas0
Henry L Allen
about 1895126Oklahoma0
Hugh Allen
about 1898123Arkansas0
Isaac Allen
December 10, 1822198Kentucky0October 4, 188613563Iowa
Isaac B Allen
November 27, 1813208Virgina0188813374
Isaac C Allen Jr.
December 10, 1822198Scott Co., Virginia0October 4, 188613563Poweshiek, Iowa
Isaac C. Allen Sr
March 15, 1755266Scott Co, Virginia11December 15, 183118976Fountain, Indiana, USA
Isaac Gooding Allen
January 11, 18521690January 23, 19279475
Isam Allen
May 5, 1793228Scott Co., North Carolina13February 23, 186215968Pleasant Grove Township, Mahaska Co., Iowa
Isam P Allen
January 10, 1825196Kentucky0July 26, 191910294Iowa
Iva C Allen
about 1909112Colorado0
James Allen
February 15, 1810211Augusta, Va0
James Carson Allen
March 26, 1862159Wake Co., Nc15December 4, 19427980Panola Co., Ms.
James Franklin Allen
March 11, 1810211Virginia0April 4, 189812388Richland Cemetery, Strasburg, Illinois
James H Allen
January 1, 1837184Kentucky0May 15, 185916222Iowa
James L Allen
Jane Allen
October 8, 1797224Scott Co., Virginia7October 10, 185516658Parke Co., Indiana
Jane Allen
February 23, 1831190Kentucky0January 29, 191510683Iowa
Jesse Murphy Allen
November 24, 1886135Texas0December 20, 19477361Roscoe, Nolan, Texas, USA
Jim Allen
March 1897124Texas0
Joel O Allen
John Allen
August 11, 1644377Boston, Massachusetts1
John Allen
December 7, 1811209Scott Co., Virginia0January 16, 189912287Covington, Fountain, Indiana
John Allen
December 30, 1787233Culpepper, Culpepper, Va0February 12, 186315875Cocke Co, Tn
John M Allen
October 27, 1817204Virginia0May 6, 184917231
John Thomas Allen
November 9, 1857164Illinois0December 19, 19269469
Kate Allen
about 1880141Mississippi11
Laisse Allen
Mae Allen
about 1907114Mississippi4
Margaret Peggy Allen
January 16, 1817204Virginia, United States of America1June 12, 186815351Putnam Co, In
Maria Smith Allen
June 26, 1892129Solihull, Warwick, England0
Mariah Barbary Allen
April 8, 18182030
Marshal Allen
about 1904117Arkansas0
Martha Allen
February 6, 1829192Kentucky0March 1, 190811379Iowa
Martha Allen
August 20, 1808213Virginia12August 8, 186415755Wallace, Fountain Co, Indiana
Mary Allen
December 31, 1841179Indiana0December 8, 192010078Illinois
Mary A. Allen
about 1878143Arkansas0
May Allen
May 1893128Texas0
Melissa Ann Allen
March 23, 1840181Indiana0June 24, 186515625
Minnie Maude Allen
January 28, 1884137Jack, Texas, United States0March 15, 19576473Scurry, Texas, United States
Moses E Allen
April 1898123Texas0
Nancy Elizabeth Allen
August 9, 1859162Davis Co., Missouri2September 29, 19556696Beaumont, Texas
Nathan Allen
about 1902119Arkansas0
Nathan Cox Allen
January 1, 1846175Indiana0February 25, 19309184arkansas
Nathaniel Allen
about 1699322St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London, England1November 1, 177025171Shrewsbury, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Ola C Allen
July 1891130Mississippi0
Ollie M. Allen
about 1880141Arkansas0
Pearl Allen
about 1889132Arkansas0
Roy W Allen
January 1900121Mississippi0
Samuel Alexander Allen
March 8, 1827194Kentucky0December 12, 190411677Iowa
Sarah B Allen
September 21, 18212000
Stella Allen
about 1893128Oklahoma0
Susan Allen
about 1879142Texas0
Suzanna Allen
March 17, 1819202Kentucky0April 14, 184717428Parke, Indiana
Sylvia Allen
about 1896125Oklahoma0
Thomas Allen
September 10, 1755266New London, New London County, Connecticut, United States of America0May 16, 184217986Pomfret, Windham County, Connecticut, United States of America
Thomas Allen
September 19, 1728293London, Greater London, England1November 19, 179322865New London County, Connecticut, United States of America
Thomas Seignor Allen
June 13, 1790231Scott Co., Va12July 7, 184118051Wallace, Indiana
Thomas Seignor Allen Jr
March 6, 1820201Kentucky11March 11, 190211982Vaughn, Benton Co., Arkansas
Tom Allen
February 1897124Arkansas0
Vernon Allen
about 1917104Mississippi0
Wilbur Allen
June 10, 1910111Mississippi2December 11, 19962486Jackson, Hinds, Mississippi, USA
William Allen
March 28, 1794227Scott Co., Virginia0
William Franklin Allen
November 15, 1879142Benton County, Arkansas, United States of America0July 9, 19586378Muskogee, Muskogee County, Oklahoma, United States of America
William Henry Allen
July 30, 1860161Illinois0
William M Allen
March 26, 18261950July 3, 190911283
William Thomas Allen
July 11, 1835186Kentucky0January 26, 191410778Siam, Iowa