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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Albert Sidney Bettis
about 1878142Tennessee0
Anderson Carr Bettis
1833187Tennessee1September 19, 187314640Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, USA
Ann Lyons Bettis
August 9, 1811208Tennessee9April 5, 187314761Trenton, Phillips, Arkansas
Drewry Lyon Bettis
August 21, 1814205Wilson, Tn5April 9, 185416639Bettis Family Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby County, Tenn.
Elijah Bettis
Johnston, North Carolina, United States01768252
Elizabeth Bettis
1772248Franklin, North Carolina, United States0
Elizabeth Jane Bettis
18241960September 190711283
Elizabeth Miller Bettis
Erma Bettis
March 1881139Tennessee0
Fannie Bettis
about 1869151Mississippi0
Francis Bettis
1742278Johnston, North Carolina, United States0181420672South Carolina, United States
Francis Bettis
September 9, 1732287Pasquotank, North Carolina, United States6175226819Biddeford, York, Maine, United States
Georga A. Bettis
about 1851169Tennessee0
James Bettis
1630390Suffolk, England11730290100Suffolk, England
James Bettis
about 1778242Rowan, North Carolina, USA0
James Bettis
1733287Albemarle, North Carolina6March 12, 179422661Louisburg, Franklin, North Carolina, USA
Janet Bettis
1774246Cumberland, Cumberland, North Carolina, United States0181620442
John Bettis
John Bettis
1738282Johnston, North Carolina, United States0December 178423546Edgefield, Clarendon, South Carolina, United States
John Bettis
1707313Albemarle, Stanly, North Carolina, United States2April 179622489Richmond, Wise, Virginia, United States
John Claiborne Bettis
1835185Tennessee0186215827Helena, Ark
Josephine L Bettis
about 1848172Tennessee0
Judith Bettis
1720300ALBEMARIE, North Carolina, USA10176425644Johnston, North Carolina, United States
Lucy H Bettis
January 29, 1818202Wilson, Tn0190511586Des Arc, Prairie County, Arkansas, USA
Maggie Bettis
about 1859161Tennessee0
Martha Bettis
April 30, 1822198Shelby County, Tn0August 3, 183918017
Mary Bettis
1721299Johnston, North Carolina, United States0July 177224751Bertie, North Carolina, United States
Mary Ann Bettis
18281920January 15, 188613458
Mary Jane Bettis
December 1819200Shelby County, Tn0
Mary Polly Bettis
September 29, 1793226Georgia0November 29, 186315670Gibson, Tennessee, USA
Mary T Bettis
Mollie Bettis
about 1875145Tennessee0
Mollie L. Bettis
about 1863157Hamilton, Tennessee1November 22, 19437680Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee
Nathaniel Anderson Bettis
Robert A Bettis
September 1862157Mississippi0January 2, 19289265Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee
Robert Ferdinand Bettis
about 1853167Tennessee3
Sallie Carr Bettis
June 19, 1826193Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, United States of America1August 28, 188013954Prairie County, Arkansas, United States of America
Samuel G.D. Bettis
April 9, 1828192Tennessee0December 23, 184117813
Sarah Bettis
Sarah Bettis
1777243Franklin, North Carolina, United States0
Sarah E Bettis
September 18, 18301890November 2, 188213752Missouri
Sarah E. Bettis
about 1867153Mississippi0
Selina Bettis
1816204Wilson, Tn0
Shelby Alexander Bettis
Thomas Bettis
1676344Suffolk, England1175027074Pasquotank, North Carolina, United States
Tillman Patterson Bettis
October 6, 1788231Franklin Co. North Carolina16February 6, 185416665Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, United States
Tilman Carr Bettis
April 20, 1824196Shelby County, Tn5
Tilman I Bettis
18221980February 4, 18251953
Virginia Caroline Bettis
July 24, 1840179Tennessee5February 21, 191210871Tarrant, Texas
Walter Bettis
William Bettis
1760260Greenville, co, North Carolina, United States4184018080Madison, Tennessee, United States
William Bettis
1792228Franklin, Tennessee, United States0March 1, 185216860Wilson, Tennessee, United States
William L Bettis
William Talbot Bettis
March 11, 1810210Wilson, Tn0
William Willi Bettis
1650370Wortham, Suffolk, , England1170931159Yoxford, Suffolk, England
Wyatt Bettis
1760260Granville County, North Carolina, USA0January 19, 182819268Lebanon, Wilson, Tennessee, USA