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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Albert Cornelius Young
December 8, 1867152Panola Co., Ms.0November 24, 18701492
Alfred B Young
1848172Cabarrus, North Carolina5before 191011062
Allce Young
about 1876144Mississippi0
Alpheous F Young
August 17, 1845174Marshall Co. Miss.3March 20, 190111955Panola County, Mississippi
Alpheous W Young
Annie Young
1876144North Carolina0
Ben Young
Blanche M Young
Candice Young
January 14, 1814206Franklin County, North Carolina0July 26, 186615352Panola County, Mississippi, USA
Celia Young
October 20, 1904115Mississippi2April 26, 19714966Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Charles Mack Young
November 12, 1905114Jackson, Hinds, Mississippi0September 19, 19754469Huntsville, Madison, Alabama
Chessie Elclaire Young
about 1871149Mississippi0March 20, 19586287Licking County, Licking, Ohio, United States
Claire Young
Cora Young
about 1878142Mississippi0
Cora Victoria Young
January 23, 1883137Panola Co., Ms.0March 8, 18831370Panola Co., Ms.
Cornelius Bryan Young
October 29, 1861158Ripley, Lauderdale, Tennessee, United States0December 7, 19358474Quitman, Cleburne, Arkansas, USA
Cornelius Bryant Young Jr
June 4, 1881138Panola County, Mississippi2June 16, 19635682Memphis, Tenn.
David Alpheous Young
September 15, 1880139Panola Co., Ms.9December 16, 19596079Batesville home, Panola Co., Ms
David George Young
December 9, 1838181Franklin Co., North Carolina10September 17, 189912060Panola Co., Ms.
Denton Young
about 1902
Earl W Young
about 1901119Mississippi0
Ed N Young
Edgar Bryant Young
1872148Mississippi0October 22, 1953
October 22, 1953
6681Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles
Effie Young
about 1879141Mississippi0
Elizabeth Young
1873147North Carolina0
Emma M Young
October 1896123Mississippi0
Eulice L Young
June 1898121Mississippi0
Florence Mae Young
February 20, 1869151Panola Co., Ms.4February 2, 190012030Panola Co., Ms.
Frances Young
April 18, 192991Mississippi5December 19, 20071278Brookhaven, Lincoln, Mississippi
Francis B Young
1875145North Carolina0
Frank Young
Fred Reiny Young
December 2, 1901118Mississippi2May 15, 19804078Memphis Tn
Freddie Mae Young
July 18, 192198Memphis Shel, Tennessee0December 22, 20061385Peachtree City, Fayette, Georgia, United States of America
George Young
about 1860160North Carolina0
George A Young
August 5, 1857162, Lauderdale, Tennessee, USA0December 10, 191510458Ripley, Lauderdale, Tennessee
George W Young
July 1894125Mississippi0
George Wright Young
January 25, 1869151Mississippi5January 27, 19497180Lafayette County, Mississippi, USA
Georgia Corrine Young
about 1907113Mississippi0
Gertrude Young
August 27, 1905114Sardis, Ms2May 19873381Biloxi, Ms
Indiana Jackson Young
October 18, 1836183Wake Co., N.C.3June 27, 186615329Panola Co., Miss
Indianan Young
about 1878142Mississippi0
Isma Young
James Young
James Bernard Young
about 1903117Mississippi0
James Elsie (Eugene) Young
October 29, 1859160Lauderdale, Tennessee, United States0September 19, 19328772Henning, Lauderdale, Tennessee, United States
James Jonathan Young
January 5, 1818202North Carolina, USA1August 13, 190511487Mississippi, USA
Jas. H. Young
about 1844176South Carolina6
Jennie Young
about 1871149Mississippi0
Jim Young
about 1915105Mississippi0
Jim Young
about 1915105Mississippi0
Joe D Young
August 1880139Mississippi0
John Young
about 1873147Mississippi0
John P Young
1846174Cabarrus, North Carolina0
John S. Young
about 1867153North Carolina0
John Wright Young
November 1898121Mississippi0
Joseph Young
1850170Cabarrus, North Carolina0
Larkin (Duke) Young
1835185Franklin Co. North Carolina0
Larkin Graves Young
December 3, 1876143Panola Co., Ms.3February 14, 19566479Dallas, Tx
Laura Bell Young
about 1902118Missouri1
Laura C Young
about 1872148Mississippi5
Lizzie Young
about 1873147North Carolina0
Lois Young
Loise Young
about 1901119Mississippi0
Louise Young
Louise M Young
Lula D. Young
Lula D Young
July 1872147Mississippi1before 192010047
Lula D. Young
Lula D Young
July 1872Mississippi1before 192047
Martha Young
about 1828192of Franklin Co, NC0
Mary Young
1884136North Carolina0
Mary Young
about 1850170Alabama6
Mary Young
Mary A Young
Mary Alpheous Young
Mary A. S. Young
August 3, 1874
about 1874
2August 6, 19655491Alabama
Mary Alpheous Young
Mary A. S. Young
August 3, 1874
about 1874
2August 6, 196591Alabama
Mary Anne Elizabeth Young
April 9, 1832188Franklin County, North Carolina4November 20, 191310681Tate County, Mississippi, USA
Mary Elizabeth Young
May 30, 1843176Marshall Co. Miss.4January 11, 19239779Panola Co., Miss
Murtle Young
about 1875145Mississippi0
Myrtle Mae Young
Nancy Spivey Young
December 12, 1819200Franklin County, North Carolina, USA6February 9, 190211882Raleigh, Wake County, NC, USA
Rebecca Elizabeth Young
January 21, 1858162Mississippi12January 15, 19279368Panola Co., Miss
Rebeka Young
February 1899121Mississippi0
Rev Cornelius (Cullen) Bryant Young
February 15, 1815205Franklin County, Nc6September 22, 188013965Sardis, MS
Richard Odell Young
October 4, 1896123Mississippi0December 15, 19704974Los Angeles
Richard Spivey Young
September 9, 1822197Franklin County, North Carolina, USA9October 21, 188213760Panola Co., Miss
Robert S Young
August 4, 1865154Mississippi7October 25, 19417876Baldwyn, Lee County, Mississippi, USA
Robert Samuel Young
February 23, 1841179Marshall Co. Miss.0June 23, 186315622Army CSA near Richmond, Va
Ruffin Aubrey Young
October 14, 1900119Mississippi0January 28, 19368435Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee
Ruth Young
Samuel H Young
1790230Harris, Franklin, Nc10June 9, 185716267Franklin County, North Carolina
Sarah C Young
Sarah Rochester Young
October 14, 1870149Panola Co., Ms.10October 14, 19487178Memphis, Tn.
Tolbert T. Young
1824196North Carolina, United States3186915145Ripley, Lauderdale, Tennessee, USA
Van Manning Young
Van L Young
July 1878141Panola Co., Ms.3September 25, 190511427Memphis, Tn.
Van Manning Young
Van L Young
July 1878Panola Co., Ms.3September 25, 190527Memphis, Tn.
Vera A. Young
June 2, 1904115Mississippi0December 14, 19833679Jackson, Hinds, Mississippi, USA
Vergie Young
April 1897123Mississippi0
William Spivey Young
July 4, 1830189North Carolina3February 2, 188913158Independence, Tate, Mississippi, USA
William Wesley Young
1860160Mississippi519328872Panola County, Mississippi
Willie B. Young
about 1875145Mississippi0
Willie S Young
June 24, 1914105Batesville, Mississippi0August 1, 19942580
Woodrow Young
August 21, 1918101Mississippi0February 8, 19853566San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States of America
Zelle Odell Young
Zelle Young
July 29, 1892
about 1894
3August 24, 19605968Mississippi
Zelle Odell Young
Zelle Young
July 29, 1892
about 1894
3August 24, 196068Mississippi